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Lumka Oliphant refuses to speak English

Department of Social Development spokesperson, Lumka Oliphant refuse to speak English in an interview.Department of social Development spokesperson, Lumka Oliphant, refused to speak in English with the Radio 702 presenter, Xolani Gwala during an interview earlier on Monday.

In a quest to understand how the Department of Social Development is going to pay beneficiaries next month. Gwala had an interview during his breakfast show with the spokesperson, Oliphant to discuss the issue, however, she responded to Gwala’s questions in IsiZulu and the presenter insisted that Oliphant should speak in English for the sake of the listeners and ‘respect’ the medium [Radio].

Oliphant refused and Gwala cut her call.

Recently in January, Oliphant had an interview with Eusebius Mckaiser, after her Facebook reports defending the Minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini over reports that Dlamini was drunk at a party event.

Many people took to social media.

Some listeners were wondering if #XolaniGwala could not translate like how other radio stations do.

Originally Published: YoungNationNews



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